I feel a lot of shame today. When I think about reaching out for help, I cry inside at the truths I have to tell.


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Posted on March 2, 2013, in 12-step, Addiction, Adult Children, codependence, emotional abuse, emotional sobriety, Relationship. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Those truths… I know my own. Freeing them is freeing yourself. I did just that on my post “Recovering a Sense of Power.” Know that you’re not alone. No matter how you decide to release your shame, it will be worth it!

  2. Hi Rachel, what excruciating moments they are, and yet I can’t do anything else at certain moments but try and push the stuff out like a bad poop (sorry for the metaphor)…
    Thanks for the words, Rachel. It really helps to be reminded that I’m not alone in this.
    I hope your journey is bringing you to good places.

  3. It makes a HUGE difference getting it out! If you need someone to vent to,I am great to talk to PLUS I’ve been there! I did ALOT of screwed up stuff when I was on drugs. You’re not alone!

  4. “The truth shall set you free!!” –that’s the truth. 🙂

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