Insight without Thinking

I was listening to a meditation discussion today (audio dharma podcast channel) and the discussion was about why we need to feel tension (the facilitator was asking the question with irony of course). Every once in a while I hear something that sticks with for a moment and resonates more strongly that it might have if I have heard it before… When thinking about the benefits of meditation and finding a peace in acceptance of how things are instead of resisting or reacting to everything outside you as well as your own thoughts, that happens. You get insight without ‘thinking’. You know those moments when you’re trying to remember something really simple and it just won’t come to you, and we say to ourselves, ‘if I just think about something else it will come to me’… What does that mean about our minds and their usefulness. About how we relate to and live in the world? We can choose to live surfing along on thoughts and reactions, or we can learn to live on our true selves… What a wonderful thought, that I can get insight, answers to my questions, to my prayers…by not thinking. My mind gets in the way. I can feel it all the time. Why isn’t ‘not thinking’ a more popular approach? đŸ˜‰


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