Human and Humility

This evening I went to an AA meeting. My intuition or my higher power told me last night that I would go.

It worked out.

Through my eyes, there is some serious miracle happening in AA meetings. And I needed to feel it today.

The miracle is humility. The promise of humility.
I think I feel closest to my higher power when I am on or near the ocean. At least that’d where I always experienced it when I was young because I grew up near the ocean.
And the power comes to me in the form of an understanding of how small I am in this world. How absolutely essential but entirely insignificant my ‘self’, my ego, really is. I experience that comfort of understanding my place in the world when I listen to people speak in AA meetings. As I sit in a room full of people putting themselves at the mercy of the power of the force that has brought them into that room. Usually when I go to AA (I am not an alcoholic, I am in CODA 12-step program), I am crying or at least close to losing it most of the meeting…Overwhelmed by people’s ability to let go…and sad at how silly I am for trying to take control of things that are not my business nor even in my realm of ability…

I am thankful for this, and thankful for the chance to live today and to end my day with that kind of comfort and with my higher power’s Grace.


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