Take Care of Myself, in gentleness, kindness, and love

I really need someone to ‘draw me a picture’ of what this means. But since it is a little embarrassing to ask people such a thing, I will try to spell it out in simple terms for myself.

Take care of myself: feed me, clean me, dress me, wash me and my clothes, put mysf to be when I’m tired.avoid painful things and people if possible, on a daily basis. Get myself some help with whatever I need help with. Watch over myself. Listen to myself. Draw boundaries for myself. Take myself out for some fun regularly. Let me do things I enjoy regularly. Find myself a new activity that I have never done before that will lead me onto bigger and better enjoyment and fulfillment as the years pass.

Gentleness: approach myself softly, never suddenly. Slowly, making sure I have time to warm up to the ideas you’re bringing. Don’t rush myself. Breathe while I am doing things like washing my hair. Relax my shoulders while I am reading or on the computer or talking on the phone. Have patience with myself. Give myself a moment, all the time. Wait for my reaction. Wait to feel/hear my feelings, let me do one thing at a time. Encourage myself with attentiveness.

Kindness: ask myself what I feel like, what I think. Have patience with myself. Be tactful with myself, praise myself for what I have done or not done today. Think kind thoughts about myself, think about my schedule before I take on other things. Ask myself if I have time or feel like it before I get on the phone or make time for a get together. Give myself some honest feedback. Let myself eat as many cookies as I want. Make myself a super assorted lunch, write myself a kind note.

With love: tell myself I love myself more than once a day. Write myself a note to remind myself that I love myself. Give myself a hug. Massage my own feet, legs, hands, head…


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Posted on January 14, 2013, in Addiction, codependence, emotional abuse, Meditation, Relationship. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. What a great list idea! Being kind, gentle and loving to yourself is a gift that you deserve! When you are kind, gentle and loving to yourself, it changes your attitude towards others and helps you to be kinder, gentler, and more loving to them.

    Thanks for sharing and giving others (like me) inspiration!


    • I’m thrilled to feel some effects of caring for myself. It goes exactly as you describe. Not always quite as scary as I was afraid it would be…
      And I am thrilled to be one in this sea of inspiring thoughts and people.
      right back!!

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