Thank you addicts of all kinds.

I am in 2 12-step programs. Neither of them is AA, but I listen to AA speaker mp3’s and I get such amazing insights into myself. This one speaker I was listening to today said that, when he began to drink, time didn’t matter; what he had to do, who was waiting for him didn’t matter. I really am the exact same, but it is with destructive relationships. When that guy who is my preoccupation of the moment is around, waits for me, needs something for me, the rest of my world seems to melt away.

I am flabbergasted at the nature of addiction.

Addiction to drugs & alcohol

Addiction to relationships…

Addiction to anything

All tied to a self-destructive need.


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Posted on December 10, 2012, in Addiction, codependence, emotional abuse, Relationship. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I’m not in AA, either, but love the Big Book above all compulsion books to help me with my addictions.

    Come check out my blog. I write about brokenness and dealing with it.

    • Hi Robin, Thank you for your comment and the invite to your blog. I am thankful for the sharing of AA members, because they talk about such a miraculous transformation of their lives. And I am amazed at how metaphoric my experience of codependence is with the experience of alcoholism. Such painful and destructive experiences can give way to such euphoric transformation…no matter what the addiction or obsession…

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