Did a Good Thing For my life Today

Step Study tonight:

I went. I listened. I learned about myself. I saw some patterns in my sexual abuse that let me see the insanity of the situation I was in. I didn’t have to feel the shame about it all because there was nothing I could do about it. It was what was shown to me. It was what people taught me. It was all I could do to live through it exactly as I did. Resentment even fell away along with the shame. Because… I think, because the energy has come back to me. Come back to just caring about me. That’s where the energy needs to be, not with people for their mean selfish, self-absorbed acts. I can’t afford to spend more energy on that. It hurts to spend the energy there. I was right to be angry an I have been vindicated only by accepting that for myself, in the face of a bunch of people who are also doing that for themselves.


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