This morning, Thankful

Woke up with my higher power showin me silence, what I need in my heart and my head. Tried to maintain the feeling.

Slept until about 9. Really needed that. It’s 10 and I’m still in bed.

Starting to stress about not being up at 8 and how much I have to do today.

Thought about slotting in everything I’ve written Dow to do so that the list is not just this arbitrary list hanging over me with no particular time slotted for each thing. I will try that.

And a mantra for today… “First thing’s first”

– I didn’t change my tshirt before bed last night
– I didn’t finish a paragraph from a book yesterday
– I didn’t slot things in yesterday

Happy that I
– did 90 mins of yoga on Thursday (will do again this week.
– found 30$ highlights
– went to K’s last night (feel a little human)
– went for massage yesterday.
– went to meditation yesterday.
– read 4354 yesterday
– marked 3361 yesterday


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