Take Care – Listen to me…

Hm, I was just reading a self-care blog or two, because I cannot for the life of me, identify the things I want and need every day. Or at least I can not choose them and then execute. But as I was reading someone else’s description of what they did one morning, I realized that I want to buy myself some flowers and put them on my table.

I think I also want silence.

And I think I also want to browse around somewhere…Like Queen West, and look at things that I like, maybe buy myself a thing or two.

I definitely need help to maintain my place as I work myself into the ground, and I am soooo proud of having found someone to help me with housekeeping… I do have a hard time keeping things up though. It’s like I don’t care. But I love it when things are cleaned up and tidy. Tidying and cleaning up after myself is self-care, but I am somewhat careless. I am rebelling against something. Wanting someone else to do it, to take care of me…

I think I want to buy myself fast food too. So that I don’t have to cook for a while. I did just cook a shitload over the past couple of weeks and now I want to stop cooking.

I love sorbet, especially when I make it at home with my blender without any sugar (just a little juice). Last night was melon, raspberries, blueberries and a splash of juice…Delish.


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