Accept the Woman I Am

Codependent Thought: I am a mean deeply evil person
Recovery thought: I am angry about G crossing my boundaries, even boundaries I didn’t know I had.

C: I am a third rate woman because he doesn’t see it as worth it to change his behavior and be with me.
R:I feel like shit because I think his actions say more about me than mine do. I am a patient woman because I gave him so many chances, I am a loving woman because I looked past his actions to his feelings of regret. I am a caring and trusting woman because I believed his apologies.

C: I need to be angry and show it and try to make him feel the same shittyness as he made me feel and then he will understand how I feel.
R: I cannot control his actions or feelings by trying to make him feel bad. I do not have control of his thoughts or actions. Someone who cares about me the way I want will make their own effort to not hurt me, will make their own effort to correct what they have done and change their behavior to be with me.

C: G said he would do what it takes to be with me and he should keep to that. I am waiting for him to keep his promises.
R: I can not live with the deep down pain that he is holding onto. I want to get rid of my worst fears and pain and live a more emotionally free life than he does. Living with him causes me pain that will kill me.


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