Practice from past mistakes

I told him that I would go out on my own when he told me he would drop Hislittle boy off to come out with me.

I told him that he could come to my place if he gave me notice, if he came when it worked for me.

I didn’t answer the phone late at night. I asked him not to call in the middle of the night during the week.

I left or asked him to leave when he called his ex names.

I asked him to move out when I started to get too anxious about him coming home drunk or being drunk when I got home in the aftn.
I did not stick around when he was doing something dishonest.

I spent time with him around my work needs. I did not work around spending time with him.

I did it drive out to his parents when I had to work. I did not drive him to pick up the kids.

I did not drive to pick him up from there place.

I did not drive him to work. Even at 4am.

I did not pick him up from work or the train station.

I did not give him a third chance to tell me the truth. I did not give him a third chance to do something right.

I did not answer the phone when I knew I wasn’t the first one he called.


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