Co-Dependent Inventory today

Hi – I thought I would try to inventory the ways in which I was codependent today, and the ways that I wasn’t…


– I thought a lot about contacting G; I was really frustrated that he didn’t call or text me back, as I always am. I don’t like it when anyone says they’re going to do something and they don’t. I get REALLY annoyed. Cause I think I think it means something about me, how important I am, how they feel about me. With G I have always felt that he is taking me for granted.

– didn’t want to answer the phone when my mother called. I am not sure if that is codependent or not, when I can barely handle being on my own these days and having pressure from the two most codependent people in my life.

– I didn’t go to school today, trying to finish a draft of my chapter before I do that.
And that is so codependent… hiding out and thinking I will get empathy or something… Or i don’t know, but I’m not taking responsibility for myself. (Which means doing something about the difficulties I am having, not just hiding out).

– not contacting people is really codependent. staying alone…

non-Codep things:

– I didn’t contact Greg because i was afraid it would be the same thing again, and I reminded myself of the lies and deception, which just infuriate me, and i reminded myself that it would be crazy to contact him, because I would be making his crap ok, just like I have felt like I’ve been doing for years… (at least 2 if not the whole time…).

– I worked on my chapter.

– I went to a meeting.

– I felt the codependent things around me and ‘checked’ them.


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