Examples of my codependency (and thoughts to challenge or reverse or relearn it…?)

I think that when I put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on my hotel room door that I am the only one that has done that and that I am the only one holding up the whole hotel from finishing their cleaning; that I, just me, am causing that much trouble. And that it is trouble.

I think that as I am going so slow with my writing that I am causing my supervisor and inordinate amount of frustration and making her ‘wait’ and that waiting is affecting the rest of her life…

I feel that when I do not call my friend when I have been home for days that she is hurt and offended and angry with me. I am afraid.

When my brother doesn’t call me or ask me anything about my life etc I feel lonely and unloved or unimportant.

In recovery, what do I do?

My time and space is important and necessary right now. I am an adult and make decisions that mean that I can work. I, I, I decide when I work, when I need my bed made, etc and no one can argue with that because it is my time and my space.

I work at the pace that I can under the circumstances. And I report to her more responsibly


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