How Hard Can it Be?

Getting in touch with what I am thinking and feeling right NOW, all the time, is going to be a hell of a challenge… Listening to myself like I listen to and want to listen to other people so that I can solve my own personal dilemmas, how hard can that be. I think things through for other people all the time!

Now, 8:33 am – I am feeling anxiety and urgency about all of the little procrastination things I am doing or thinking of doing. If I am a friend to me I will say:

– it is not the things you are doing, it is the fact that you are not making a time specifically to do those things and following your plan. Nothing wrong with watering the plants, replanting the beets, sitting on the deck to have breakfast, having breakfast, taking a shower, vacuuming… But make the time to do them, rather than do them in the time you are thinking is work time. And stick to your plan to do work when you plan to. If you ‘give yourself the time’ to do both you can’t feel bad.



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