Thankyou, today.

– thank you for sailing, so I couldn’t say yes to something I didn’t want to say yes to.
– thank your for sunscreen, so I didn’t get baked to a crisp on he water today
– thank you to friends, reminding me that fun and happiness are more important than suffering
– thank you for patience: did I have patience with myself today? I guess. I went to the market this morning and stretched and ate and water plants rather than working; I took myself to a age this evening instead of making myself work at home. I almost immediately got focus and figured out what to do next… When I got off the phone a couple of times, I focused on the fun things I an doing and the smart thing I am doing instead of focused on being angry. I did get angry, but I still went and did something good for me…
– thank you today: I still have my garden and my kitty, and my place and my comfy bed and myfood, and my patience and my perseverance. I’m not always 100% certain of why I am persevering but I can’t wait for whatever it is! Will I be able to take a break then ??


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