I can feel that I have the potential to feel physically fantastic today, but I also feel this nagging bad karma thing. I am not breathing right, my chest feels like a bag of heavy metal blocks, awkwardly sitting on each other, not fitting, the corners digging into the inside of my chest… I have such bad patterns with myself and with people, and I need to find the gumption and courage to get out of them.

I am anxious about having taken time this morning to

– do yoga and stretching for the better part of an hour

– taking time to bring my air conditioner up the stairs when I did.

– rearranging the livingroom.

– opening the mail

– looking at the garden and watering the plants

I feel anxious because

– of all of the things I said to G.

– KT hasn’t responded to me

– I am not working and when I look at my paper I want to through up a stomach…

– the time is ticking away

– I feel like an insolent child



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