I don’t believe it yet, But (capital B)

I am a kind and giving woman.

I supported my mother enough. I helped my mother enough.

I do enough.

I make people feel loved.

I am an intelligent woman.

I am a creative woman.

I am an industrious woman.

I am a resourceful woman.

I am a strong and healthy woman.

I want to love more than anything.

I am patient with my mother.

I am strong enough and kind enough to care for myself.

My uniqueness is beautiful.

I love myself.

I am a hard worker.

I want other people to be happy.

I care for people I love.

The efforts I make are out of love and I want people to feel that.

I put all of myself into my efforts to care for people in my life.

I love myself for having intense feelings.

I want to learn to love myself like no one has ever loved me.

I will find ways to treat myself with patience, forgiveness, and tenderness every day.

I will listen to my angry feelings.

I will listen to my fatigue.

I will find boundaries and maintain them so that I keep myself happy, and strong, and healthy.

I will take things one little step at a time.

I am going to give myself the nurturing and patience I need for myself so that I can give as much as I would like to others. But I am going to make sure that I give enough to myself first so that I don’t hurt myself by giving.


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