Karrie today

Karrie has an aversion to writing today.

Karrie must write today.

Karrie has slept another complete night but feels tired and weak still.

Karrie loves the bright sun today.

Karrie is impatient about starting her garden today.

Karrie wants to dig.

Karrie has weak shoulders and an unpredictable arm.

Karrie feels lonely.

Karrie feels inhuman, just like a big piece of flesh and meat and bone without any life.

Karrie does not know her own value.

Karrie still feels enjoyment though, of things…even for a little while.

Karrie always has a list in her head.

Karrie is stopped up, like with a cork. Because she hasn’t chosen that even what she doesnt’ have is better than what she has when she hangs around Greg (the anxious anticipation of all that goes wrong on a regular basis). Karrie still does not think that her time and space and feelings and actions and worries and desires are ‘more’ for her than those things.

But she supposedly can heal her life.

because she is willing to change, even though she doesn’t know exactly how… She is only becoming aware now…


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