Wow – feelings that seem promising

It is exquisitely white and snow-flakey outside this morning. I have had such a warm and fuzzy feeling since I woke up hearing the wind howl past my bedroom window. Getting up to find the outside blanketed in white was (almost literally!) the icing on the cake :-). I can’t wait to get out there, but I have been also rushing to get some work done on an article I am working on that started to go a little well last night before I left the office. But I have yet to touch it today. It is first and foremost in my mind but last on my action list… Holy procrastination.

I started doing one of my daily yoga videos this morning and gave it only 5 minutes. I am patting myself on the back from doing that much these days. Often I even just turn the video on and listen to the guy (Eion Finn) before I go to bed, just to hear something kind, gentle and positive before I go to bed…

Sitting in my new place overwhelmed with boxes… spent about two hours last night unpacking and organizing… then laid like an insomniac in bed until at least 3 am. Took the initiative to get up around 8:30 though… since the weather is so pretty maybe?

This morning was more unpacking cleaning organizing… and not yet done anything with my article. I have been overwhelmed the last couple of days – G away until Saturday night… and trying to find the gumption? confidence? love for self? to give any energy I have to being gentle with myself because I feel like I am going to crack. I sat in the class that I am TA’ing yesterday and felt a panic attack start to come on… I tried to just ‘feel’ my heart beating… I tried to just say ‘ok’ to myself, as though I am really my friend, first and foremost…

And here I am today…



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